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13*1" Full-Synthetic Long Wave 27" - Shop X Ology
13*1" Full-Machine Wigs Synthetic Long Wave 27" | Hair
Full-Synthetic Long Wave 27"

13*1" Full-Synthetic Long Wave 27"

Introducing our Full-Synthetic Long Wave 27" wig! Get ready to turn heads with this stunning and versatile hairstyle.

Crafted with care, this wig is made from high-quality synthetic hair that looks and feels incredibly natural. The long wave pattern adds a touch of elegance and glamour to your look, giving you those irresistible beachy vibes.

Not only does this wig offer style, but it also offers convenience. With its heat-safe feature, you can confidently style your hair up to 248°F without worrying about damaging the wig. So go ahead, curl it, straighten it, or create any look you desire!

Taking care of your new wig is a breeze. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep it clean and fresh. And don't forget to pamper it with a good detangler conditioner to keep those knots at bay. Deep conditioning once a month will keep your wig looking its best.

Whether you're a natural hair enthusiast or prefer relaxed styles, this wig is perfect for you. For natural hair, twist, braid, or put it in a ponytail before bed, and use a silk scarf or bonnet to protect it overnight. If you have relaxed hair, wrap it or put it in a ponytail before bed, and use a satin pillowcase to keep it moisturized.

And let's not forget about your scalp! Treat it with care and enjoy the benefits of healthy hair growth.

With proper care and gentle styling, this Full-Synthetic Long Wave 27" wig will last, giving you endless styling possibilities. Get ready to embrace your inner diva and rock the look you've always dreamed of. Order yours today and experience the magic of beautiful, hassle-free hair!